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Quality Control

Frirstly,Adhere to theThree-DO NOT principles

1. Do not accept  the unqualified products 

Refusing unqualified products means that employees check whether the previously delivered products are qualified or not according to regulations before production and processing, and have the right to refuse to accept them once problems are found, and feedback  the problems to the previous process in time to stop processing immediately, trace the cause, and take measures to enable the quality problems to be discovered and corrected in time, and to avoid waste caused by the continued processing of unqualified products.

2. Do not process substandard products

Not manufacturing unqualified products means that after accepting the previous qualified products, strictly implement the operating specifications during processing at this post to ensure the processing quality of the products. Preparatory work such as inspection and confirmation before the operation is fully and in place; the process conditions during the operation are always in place to avoid or detect abnormalities early, and reduce the probability of producing non-conforming products. Sufficient preparation and confirmation in the process is the key to not producing nonconformities. Only by not producing defective products, can it be possible not to flow out and not accept defective products.

3.Do not send out  unqualified products

The non-conforming product does not flow out means that the employees need to check and confirm the quality of the product after completing the process. Once a defective product is found, the machine must be stopped in time, the defective product shall be cut off in this process, and the defective product shall be disposed of and preventive measures shall be taken in this process. . This process should ensure that the delivered product is qualified, which will be rejected by the next process or "customer".

Secondly,avoiding the Four Misunderstanding 

1.Omnipotence Theory

"Obtaining the quality system certification is to obtain a passport to the international market" was widely spread in the 1990s. At that time, the company introduced the GB/T19001 standard to establish a quality system and passed the certification to become fashionable, and the advertising must use the word "certified". The rendering of public opinion has made all aspects of the quality system amplify the functions of the quality system, making it a universal tool, and upgrade the original work that only focused on the stability and reliability of product quality to the work related to whether the company can participate in international competition. This puts pressure on the quality management department of the enterprise. This high expectation also laid the groundwork for the "uselessness" of the quality management system that came out later.

2.Certificate-only Thoery 

With the progress of reform and opening up, the emancipation of the mind and the pursuit of wealth have made people more willing to seize immediate opportunities to obtain immediate benefits. In business management, people pay more attention to the immediate results and ignore the basic management work. This impetuous psychology has led to the management style of eager quick success in many enterprises, which is reflected in the attitude towards the quality management system, which is "certificate only theory."

3.Uselessness Thoery

Somebody often criticize the quality management system, saying that this system is useless and costly. Others criticize the GB/T19001 standard, saying that this standard does not provide specific solutions and is an empty standard. Because many critics lack an overall understanding of the theory and practice of quality management, these statements are understandable, but it is difficult to agree.

4.Obsolescence Thoery

After obtaining the quality management system certification, many companies do not continue to consolidate the quality management system and implement continuous improvement, but instead seek innovation and improvement in a one-sided manner, and are anxious to introduce management concepts and methods such as Six Sigma and excellent performance mode. It must be emphasized here that the quality management system based on the GB/T19001 standard is an indispensable cornerstone of the business management building. Only when the quality management system is stable can the building be safe. It should be noted that the cornerstone will never be out of date!

Thirdly,learning the Five Tools

The five core tools of quality management are also called the five tools of quality management.

Statistical Process Control (SPC: Statistical Process Control);

Measurement system analysis (MSA: Measure System Analyse);

Failure mode and effect analysis (FMEA: Failure Mode & Effct Analyse);

Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP: Advanced Product Quality Planning);

Production Part Approval Process (PPAP: Production Part Approval Process).


ID Measurement


Outer Race Inspection


Rolling Body Inspection


OD Measurement