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Grinding process is used to refine the Bearing surface,which includes 4 steps: rough grinding, fine grinding, fine grinding, and super fine grinding.That makes  the bearings life reach a reliable expected effect. The CNC grinder guarantees reliable machining accuracy and production efficiency.

Heat Treatment

Heat treatment is a key process for bearing manufacturers. In Ruitong bearing, heat treatment equipment is one of the most advanced one. Controlled by computer, with automatic monitoring, alarm system, data acquisition and SPC chart analysis,all these measures  to ensure  a real-time monitoring and stable heat treatment process.

Surface Treatment

Sand Blasting:Surface treatment is another special process in the manufacturing process. Ruitong Bearing adopts surface treatment production line to strictly control all process parameters to make the non-machined surface smooth and clean. 

In RuiTong, phosphate and black oxide are the other two surface treatments technology .




Digital Lathe

Milling Machine

Landing Grinder

Heat treament