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CEO Speech

Speech from CEO

Dear  customers:

   Wafangdian Ruitong Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in August 2002(  Ruitong Company for short ), located in the northern part of Dalian, the "Pearl of the North"----Wafangdian, the hometown of bearings in China. It has a long history, beautiful environment and pleasant climate, vast land, rich seas, and abundant agricultural products. There are criss-crossed railway lines, the magical Shenyang-Dalian highway, asphalted roads throughout all corners, and electricity and grids throughout urban and rural areas.All that make it  a faomous  treasured place for doing  domestic and abroad business .

    After years of painstaking effort to the entrepreneurship, Ruitong Bearing has made considerable progress and development , the accumulated capital and ability to stand out the bearing industry. These achivements are derived from integrity and excellence of RTB,and the support and help of customers and users who from all walks of life. Now, I would like to express my deep gratitude to all of them.

    The entrepreneurial practice of RTB has proved : To be a man before business, Honesty, High-quality, endlessly innovation, and Win-Win  Spirit. To be always brilliant.



Dalian, China: September 1, 2015